Crying lady of the lake

Amidst the shimmering waters of the mystical realm, Stands a guardian so regal, at the helm. Her flowing robes of azure blue, adorned with gems so rare, A crown of crystal gleams atop her flowing hair. Her eyes, a piercing hue of emerald green, Reflect a wisdom that's seldom seen. Her voice, a melody that soothes the soul, Her presence, a calming force that makes one whole. She wields a wand with power untold, A magic that protects, a magic that unfolds. Her realm, a haven of wonder and awe, A place of peace, where hearts find a thaw. For she is the protector of this sacred land, A beacon of hope, a guide to all who understand. A lady of grace, a queen of might, A ruler of a realm that's bathed in celestial light.