Whispers of Smoke

Beneath a veil of darkest hue, She stands alone, her thoughts askew. A single flame at twilight's call, Balances 'twixt rise and fall. Behind the glass, her gaze is cast, To roads once walked, in memories vast. A whispered choice that time belies, A flicker 'gainst the world's cold lies. She contemplates the quiet storm, Of life's fierce dance, its ever-form. A matchstick's end, a fire's start, Reflects the battles of her heart. In silence deep, she makes her stand, A defiance gripped in slender hand. What brought her here, she knows inside, A life unfurled, a ride untried. For in the shadows, truths untold, Of strength within, unfolds, behold. Her tale is more than meets the eye, A smoldering will that never dies.